The following services can be purchased individually or combined in a variety of packages.

One-on-One Wellness Coaching


Whether you have been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder, or want to explore and commit to eating more nutritious and varied foods, or come up with a plan to help you stick to healthy routines during business travel, I am equipped to help you.

During our private sessions we will set small, actionable and attainable goals, demystify confusing health claims, and help you move forward on your wellness journey. Additionally, you will receive email support, recipes, resources and tips between sessions.

For your convenience, coaching sessions (held in person, via phone or virtually) are scheduled individually, or in three and six month programs.


Cooking Classes


Learning to cook is imperative when creating a healthy routine. These classes will help you get excited to be in the kitchen! Learn how to prepare simple, delicious, and nutritious foods.

The following classes are offered individually or in small groups. Pricing varies on class size. Please contact me for pricing.

  • Cooking Basics

    • Are you clueless in the kitchen? Does the thought of chopping and roasting give you anxiety? This class provides easy, practical advice on how to get started in the kitchen and is for total beginners.

  • Cooking for SIBO and Gut Health

    • What you eat is one of the best ways to control and eliminate your symptoms--learn how to prepare simple, delicious and nutritious foods that support a low FODMAP diet and/or a Candida overgrowth.

  • Cooking for your family

    • Want to prepare balanced, healthy and tasty meals for your family? This class is aimed at pleasing you AND the little ones in your brood.

  • Meal Prep Help

    • Do you start off the week on track and find that by Wednesday night you’ve got a date with UberEats? This class is designed to help you plan your week and set yourself up for success all week long!


Grocery Store Field Trip


Did you know that grocery stores are laid out to deliberately confuse you? That they are designed to feel like a maze and to trick you into buying things you don’t even want? Ever think about product placement? Healthy junk food? I’ll teach you the psychology behind the layout and help you navigate the aisles so that you can ensure whatever you put in your cart will keep you on track and feeling great.


Culinary Coaching


This can be a stand-alone event or part of a longer Wellness Coaching Program. I will come to your home and help create a strategy and lay-out for a healthier kitchen. We’ll focus on what’s in your kitchen and pantry, but also look at what items you may want to assist you with your simple, clean and nourishing cooking.